FAQ: How To Descale A Fish Fillet?

What is the best way to scale fish?

  • Scale up to the Edges Holly Heyser. Make sure you get the scales on the top of the fish and near the fins, remembering to clean the tail. Try not to press too hard or gash the fish, and be careful around the fins as they can prick the skin.

To descale the fish, put it inside a large plastic bag, head first (to prevent the scales flying everywhere as you remove them). Using a fish filleting knife upside down (the non-sharp side against the fish) and holding onto the fish tail, push backwards towards the head and the scales should flip off.

How do you get the scale off a fish fillet?

“Fluffing up” the scales is exactly what you want to do, but with a knife. And you want to fluff them up so much they come off. So just slide the blunt edge of the knife under the edges of the scales to help lift them up.

How do I know if my fish is scaled?

Scrape the side of the fish from the tail to the head. As you scrape, the scales will start popping off. It’s going to get a bit messy! Continue until that side of the fish has no remaining scales.

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Should you remove fish scales?

Scaling whole fish is a necessary chore as the scales are unpleasant to eat. Your fishmonger will be happy to gut and scale fish for you but it is also an easy and satisfying technique to master at home. Removing scales can be a messy business so put the fish into a plastic bag to catch the scales.

Do you need to scale a fish before you fillet it?

A filleted fish has its skin and bones removed before cooking. Scaling isn’t necessary. Unlike the cut described for preparing whole fish, filleting fish requires you to cut the fish behind its gills and pectoral fin, but only to the rib cage. Neither scaling nor removing the head is necessary.

When would you leave the scales on a fish?

The skin and scales can be easily removed after the fish has been cooked. (This method poses a problem only if you enjoy eating the skin.) 3. Make sure the grill is very clean and very hot.

Can you scale fish with a spoon?

2. There are a number of devices on the market for scaling fish, but I’ve found a simple soup spoon works best. It peels the scales off easily, and the curvature of the spoon deflects them away from your face. It’s all fun and games until someone gets a scale in the eye.

What can I use to scale fish?

You can use a special scaling fish tool (referred to as a fish scaler), or use the back of a butter knife to scrape the scales off both sides of the fish.

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How do you clean and scale tilapia?

Rinse the tilapia off in cold water and hold it by the tail on a flat surface, like a cutting board. Hold a knife or spoon with your other hand and scrape it from the tail toward the head to remove the scales. Use moderate force and rotate the fish as you go, until all the scales are removed.

Which fish do not have scales?

Fishes that don’t have scales include the clingfish, catfish and shark family, among others. Instead of scales, they have other layers of material over their skin. They can have bony plates that are also covered by another layer or tiny, teeth-like protrusions covering their skin.

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