How To Fillet A Cobia?

Start by mixing the Cobia with a teaspoon of paprika, a clove of garlic, the juice of two lemons, half a cup of olive oil, and generous amounts of salt and pepper in a bowl to ensure the fillets are coated. Allow it to marinate for up to eight hours.

How do you cut cobia?

Insert the knife so that the filet lies on top of and across the blade and cut horizontally towards the tail and freeing the filet. Having a strong, razor sharp knife is important, when cleaning cobia fish, to be able to break through the strong rib bones. Cut down past the ribs to remove the fillet from the skin.

What’s the best way to eat cobia?

In fact cobia can be cooked so many different ways! It can be blackened like in this recipe, broiled, baked, pan seared, steamed, grilled or you can enjoy it raw as sashimi or in ceviche. The most popular way to cook cobia is probably sauteing with vegetables.

Are cobia good eating?

Cobia often likened to the Yellowtail Kingfish. It is a premium eating fish with medium to strong, distinct and pleasing flavour. It has few bones and a relatively high fillet recovery rate. Because of its flavour and colour, Cobia fits in well in Sashimi plates served with other finfish, such as tuna.

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Do you cook cobia with skin on?

Do you cook cobia with skin on? Place the fish skin side down on the grill, and cook for 12-15 minutes, depending on how hot your grill is and how thick the filets are. But, grill it skin side down the whole time. Cobia have a fairly thick skin, preventing the fish from drying out in the grilling process.

Do you scale cobia?

But Cobia are no suckers. “Plus its small scales don’t have the calcium content of other pelagics, which means it can be cooked with skin and scale on and crisp up like duck skin.” Fish or fowl, cobia is a culinary star.

Is cobia expensive?

Disregard what some people say about cobia being an expensive fish. It’s very affordable. Cobia is only costly in regions like Europe where it is not native to their coastal waters. You can buy a pound or more of this unique white fish, and we’ll deliver your order overnight.

Can you eat cobia raw?

Cobia fish is a saltwater fish that was originally from the Gulf of Mexico. It has a mild, sweet taste and it’s not too fatty. It can be served in many ways including raw, fried, or ceviche. The cobia are often caught with longlines and purse seine nets which makes it an inexpensive choice for fishermen.

How big do cobia get?

Biology. Cobia are the only member of the family Rachycentridae in North America. They grow up to 6 feet and 100 pounds and live up to 12 years. They are able to reproduce when they are young—females mature at age 3 and males mature at age 2.

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Is cobia fish high in mercury?

The cobia is a delicious saltwater fish that sadly can soak up a lot of mercury. Consumer Affairs included in its news report that cobia has 3.24 ppm. Why oh why do the best tasting fish (like cobia) have to be high in mercury!

Is cobia a bottom feeder?

Understanding these migration patterns will increase your success rate. Cobia are bottom dwellers and are known for eating whatever comes their way, including smaller baitfish, squid, eel, and crab. They can be found in waters as shallow as 3 feet, or as much as 20 feet deep.

Does cobia fish taste good?

In a nutshell, cobia fish tastes great. It has a fresh, buttery flavor with a desirable firmness and low amount of fat. It has a very mild fish flavor, which gives it a lot of versatility in preparations.

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