Question: How To Add Fillet In Assembly Catia?

How do you create fillets in CATIA CAD?

  • For more information about that capability, refer to Editing a List of Elements. Select the Selection mode as Tangency. The preview clearly shows that the whole edge will be filleted. If you set the Tangency mode, the Trim ribbons option becomes available: you can then trim the fillets to be created. For more, refer to Trimming ribbons.

How do I add fillets to Catia?

How to Fillet Edges

  1. Click Edge Fillet in the Dress-Up Features toolbar ( Fillets sub-toolbar). The Edge Fillet Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select the edge as shown. The edge selected then appears in the Object(s) to fillet field. The application displays the radius value.

What is shape fillet in Catia?

The fillet surface is obtained by rolling a sphere between the selected surfaces. This command also lets you create tritangent shape fillets. This task also shows you how to create different types of variable radius fillets. Select another surface as the second support element. Enter the value of the fillet Radius.

How do you round the edges of a Catia?

Reshaping Corners

  1. Click Edge Fillet and fillet the four edges as shown using 5mm as the radius value.
  2. To round the corner again, double-click the fillet and in the dialog box click the More button to access additional options.
  3. Right-click the Blend corner(s) field and select Create by edges.
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Can you fillet a surface?

You can use a fillet to smooth the edge between two adjacent faces in a surface body that meet at an angle.

How do you do chamfer in Catia?

CATPart document.

  1. Click Chamfer. The Chamfer Definition dialog box appears. The default parameters to be defined are Length1 and Angle.
  2. Select the edges to be chamfered. Chamfers can be created by selecting a face: the application chamfers its edges.
  3. Keep the default mode: enter a length value and an angle value.

What is a fillet edge?

In drafting terminology, the curved surface of an outside corner is generally called a round and that of an inside corner is normally referred to as a fillet. Edge fillets are smooth transitional surfaces between two adjacent faces.

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