Quick Answer: Which Dimension Would Be Placed Directly To The Right Of A Fillet Weld Symbol?

For an intermittent weld, the segment length dimension is placed to the right of the fillet weld symbol, followed by a hyphen and pitch dimension. The pitch is the distance between centers of segments on one side of the joint.

Which is the correct size for a fillet weld?

  • When a fillet weld is required on both sides of the reference line it is called a double fillet weld. The vertical leg of the symbol will always be placed to the left regardless of which way the arrow is pointing. Fillet welds may have a size associated with them. This size is called out on the left side of the symbol before the vertical side.

However, the dimension of each segment of the weld is indicated on the right side of the symbol for the fillet weld. The hyphen and the pitch dimension also come after the length dimension of the segment. The distance between the center point of each segmented weld is called the “ pitch dimension.”


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Which dimension would be placed directly to the left of a fillet weld symbol?

The size of the fillet weld is specified to the left of the fillet weld symbol — Fig. 12. Figure 13 is an example of the fillet weld size being incorrectly specified in the area that designates length.

What goes to the right of the welding symbol?

The length of the weld is given to the right of the symbol. If no length is given, then the weld is to be placed between specified dimension lines (if given) or between those points where an abrupt change in the weld direction would occur (like at the end of the plates in the example above).

How are the dimensions of a fillet weld given?

Fillet welds may have a size associated with them. This size is called out on the left side of the symbol before the vertical side. The size is indicating the leg length of the weld. If a single size is called out this is specifying that weld should have equal leg sizes.

How do you dimension a weld?

The dimensions of a weld may be added to a drawing in the following manner. Dimensions relating to the cross section of the weld are symbolized by b and are given on the left-hand side of the symbol. The cross-sectional dimension to be indicated for a fillet weld is the leg length.

How many different positions are there for welding plate?

The American Welding Society identifies four primary welding positions: Flat position. Horizontal position. Vertical position.

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What is Z in welding symbol?

On fillet welded joints made from both sides, a staggered weld can be shown by placing a ‘Z’ through the reference line ( Fig. 12).

What does G mean in welding symbol?

When a finish symbol is used, it shows the method of finish, not the degree of finish; for example, a C is used to indicate finish by chipping, an M means machining, and a G indicates grinding. When this symbol is placed on a welding symbol, welds are to continue all around the joint.

What do welding symbols mean?

Welding symbols are used to communicate between the designer and the welder. The arrow and leader line point to the joint in question, while the weld symbol tells you what type of weld to do. If the weld symbol is below the reference line (such as in symbol 1), the weld should be made on the same side as the arrow.

What is the correct way to show weld all the way around?

The weld all around symbol consists of a circle that is placed over the intersection where the end of the reference line meets the arrow. Examples of weld all around welds and welding symbols are shown in Figures 10-3 and 10-4.

What is the weakest plane in fillet weld?

For a given amount of weld material, the fillet weld is not as strong as due to the heavy concentration of the stress. ∴ For fillet weld, the weakest plane is along the throat section.

What are the three types of fillet weld?

What are the types of fillet joints?

  • Butt Joint.
  • Lap Joint.
  • Corner Joint.
  • Edge Joint.
  • Tee Joint.
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What is the maximum size of fillet weld?

The maximum size of fillet weld is obtained by subtracting 1.5mm from the thickness of the thinner member to be jointed. When welds are applied to round toe of steel sections, the maximum size of the weld should not be more than 1/3 of the thickness of the section at toe.

What is pitch of a weld?

The pitch is the distance between centers of segments on one side of the joint. Intermittent fillet welds can be specified on both sides of a joint by placing a fillet weld symbol both below and above the reference line.

Which weld size is considered light?

A light-duty gun is typically considered one that provides from 100 to 300 amps of welding capacity. Like all guns, light-duty ones are rated according to their duty cycle, or the number of minutes in a 10-minute period that the gun can be operated at its full capacity without overheating.

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