Readers ask: How Thick Should A Fillet Weld Be?

Minimum Fillet Weld Size per AWS D1. 1 Table

Base metal thickness (T) a Minimum size of fillet weld b
in mm mm
1/4 < T < 1/2 6 < T < 12 5
1/2 < T < 3/4 12 < T < 20 6
¾ < T 20 < T 8


  • It is true that in AISC 360-10 Section J2.2b states that “The maximum size of fillet welds of connected parts shall be: (a) Along edges of material less than ¼” (6mm) thick; not greater than the thickness of the material, (b) Along edges of material ¼” (6mm) or more in thickness; not greater than the thickness of the material minus 1/16” (2mm), unless the weld is especially designated on the drawings to be built out to obtain full-throat thickness.

The maximum size of fillet weld will be= 0.7 x T, where T is the base metal thickness. In case of dissimilar thickness, we should consider the thinner base metal thickness. Types of loading in fillet welds Fillet welds joints are most commonly used in fabrication and structures.


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How do you size a fillet weld?

Fillet weld sizes are measured by the length of the legs of the largest right triangle that may be inscribed within the fillet weld cross section.

What is the minimum size of a fillet weld?

Explanation: The minimum size of fillet weld should not be less than 3mm and not more than thickness of thinner part joined.

Can a fillet weld be thicker than material?

Sec J2. 2b of ASD states that the min weld thickness depends on the thicker of the 2 parts joined and is per table J2. 4. For the max size fillet weld it states that for material less than 1/4″, the weld is not greater than the thickness of the material.

How strong is a 6mm fillet weld?

To give you some idea, a “standard” 6 mm fillet weld has a capacity of 1kN/mm.

What determines the size of a fillet?

1. Fillet weld legs determine fillet weld sizes. Fillet weld sizes are measured by the length of the legs of the largest right triangle that may be inscribed within the fillet weld cross section. Fillet weld sizes determine theoretical throat.

What is the maximum size of fillet weld?

The maximum size of fillet weld is obtained by subtracting 1.5mm from the thickness of the thinner member to be jointed. When welds are applied to round toe of steel sections, the maximum size of the weld should not be more than 1/3 of the thickness of the section at toe.

How do I calculate what size weld I need?

Calculate the weld size, s, at each node on the intersecting edge of the terminated part:

  1. SS or DS groove welds: s = t. w
  2. SS or DS 45 ° fillet welds: s = sqrt(2) × t. w
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How do you size a weld?

The size of fillet weld height approximately specifies the = 0.7 formula, where z is the fillet weld width. Minimum fillet weld height is selected according to the thickness of the thicker welded part and according to the material.

What is the largest weld in a single pass?

For GMAW and FCAW, the largest single pass fillet weld in the horizontal position, for prequalified WPSs, is one size larger — 3/8”. All of the above has lead to the general rule-of-thumb that 5/16” is a reasonable maximum weld size for single pass welds, made in the horizontal position.

Are bigger welds better?

The strength of the weld is determined by the filler metal used and its effective area. So the bigger the throat the larger the effective area and thus the stronger the weld. It is important to note that some codes, such as AWS D1.

What is the strength of weld per mm?

What is the strength of weld per mm length used to connect two plates of 10mm thickness using a lap joint? Strength of weld = te [fu/(√3 x 1.25)] = 410 x 4.2 /(√3 x 1.25) = 795.36 N/mm.

How much weight can a 1/4 fillet weld hold?

Because we are using an ER70S-6 wire, is equal to 70,000 psi. Now we have all the values except for the one we are solving for, F. We rearrange the formula to solve for F. So our 20-inch long, double-sided, ¼” fillet welds have a load carrying capacity able to withstand a tensile force of almost half a million pounds.

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Is a weld stronger than the metal?

The short answer is, assuming your joint is designed properly and you have an experienced welder performing the work, your welded joint will be as strong as the base materials it is joining. MIG welding creates an arc between a continuously fed wire filler metal and the workpiece.

What is a fillet weld symbol?

The fillet weld symbol is a right triangle placed on the reference line with the perpendicular leg always on the left. The dimension specifying the leg size of a fillet weld is placed to the left of the fillet weld symbol, and on the same side of the reference line.

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