Readers ask: How To Fillet A Walleye With Electric Knife?

  • I like to fillet my walleyes with the Electric Fillet Knife much like I do with the conventional knife where I’ll start, I’ll go towards the head, work down the backbone, and work parallel with the spine, and as soon as I get past the dorsal fin, slide the knife in and then come right around the rib cage. You know a lot of anglers like the cut through the rib cage.

How does an electric fillet knife work?

Electric fillet knives take most of the work out of cleaning fish at the end of the day. They’re designed like reciprocating saws, with two thin blades mounted side by side on the knife’s handle. When the knife is turned on, one blade pushes forward while the other blade pulls backward.

Does walleye have a lot of bones?

Walleye is a freshwater fish whose finely flaked fillets, according to Cuisine Vault, have “a subtle, sweet flavor with low levels of fishiness. Its texture is firm yet delicate with a buttery mouthfeel.” Its thick fillets aren’t too bony, and its texture is “firm yet delicate and moist.”

What are the best lures for walleye fishing?

Here are five hard-baits every walleye angler should own.

  • Original Floater. Developed in 1936, the Rapala Original Floating Minnow remains a reliable walleye bait.
  • Scatter Rap Minnow. Every walleye angler deserves a 4-3/8” Scatter Rap Minnow.
  • Shad Rap.
  • Deep Tail Dancer.
  • Shad Dancer.

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