Readers ask: How To Fillet Walleye?

  • With a little practice and a good knife you will be able to fillet a Walleye or any pan-fish in less than a minute. The first step is to place your knife under the Pectoral Fin and make a cut from the bottom of the gills to the top of the head. Your cut should angle across the fish at at approximately 45 degrees. The video will show this for you.

Lay the walleye fillets in a single layer on top of the seasoned oil, making sure that you are doing this on the sheet pan. Lightly season the fish fillets one last time. Slice the onion into thin rings, separate the rings and place onto the top of the walleye fillets. Fold the foil over so that you are completely covering fish.Cuisine:

What are the best lures for walleye fishing?

Here are five hard-baits every walleye angler should own.

  • Original Floater. Developed in 1936, the Rapala Original Floating Minnow remains a reliable walleye bait.
  • Scatter Rap Minnow. Every walleye angler deserves a 4-3/8” Scatter Rap Minnow.
  • Shad Rap.
  • Deep Tail Dancer.
  • Shad Dancer.

Do walleye fillets have bones?

It’s possible to leave the Y bones in a walleye and pick them out while you’re eating; however, I use a simple trick to remove the Y bones before cooking a fillet. It’s a quick process and you’ll waste almost no meat.

Is walleye good to eat?

Fishing for walleye is a lot of fun, but ask any angler, and they’ll probably tell you that eating walleye is even more enjoyable. Lots of people wonder, “can you eat walleye?” and the answer is – absolutely. Walleye is not only delicious, but it also has many health benefits.

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Do you have to bleed walleye?

Do you want better tasting walleye fillets? Try bleeding walleyes before you bring them home. Once you’ve completed the cut, place your walleye back into the livewell. This allows the fish to expunge all of its blood into the livewell, and that’s going to make for a snow-white, perfectly clean fillet.

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