Readers ask: How To Show Fillet Engineering Drawing?

Double-click the drawing background to display the General arrangement drawing properties dialog box. Click Part or Pour object. If you need to change part representation for profiles, select Exact from the Part representation list. Under Additional marks, select the Fillet edges on/off check box.

How do you show fillets in a drawing?

  • But, if my part has a bunch of fillets I show them in the model and drawing. Show the fillets, put a statement in the bottom “Unless otherwise specified all fillets are XX”. The only thing to do then is adding dimensions to the ones that are different.

How do you dimension a fillet?

You can automatically dimension the fillet when you fillet a corner.

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Fillet.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Fillet Options panel, check the fillet size.
  3. Select Fillet Options panel Insert Dimension.
  4. Click an empty space in the drawing area.

What is fillet in drawing?

In mechanical engineering, a fillet /ˈfɪlɪt/ is a rounding of an interior or exterior corner of a part design. An interior or exterior corner, with an angle or type of bevel, is called a “chamfer”.

Why is fillet not working AutoCAD?

This happens because AutoCAD is 3D capable software and cannot connect objects that have no intersection point in 3D space. To make it work you just have to change all Elevations to 0, or at least have them at equal one.

What determines the size of a fillet AutoCAD?

Set the Fillet Radius The fillet radius determines the size of the arc created by the FILLET command, which connects two selected objects or the segments in a 2D polyline. Until you change it, the fillet radius applies to all subsequently created fillets.

What is the difference between a fillet and a chamfer?

A chamfer is the sloped or angled edges or corners of a part design. It is an antonym of the fillet. Instead of having a curved shape, a chamfer is straight and has a sharp angle. If your design requires sharp corners to be efficient for its purpose, you should choose chamfer over the different fillet mechanics.

What is dimensional line?

The dimension line is a fine, dark, solid line with arrowheads on each end. It indicates direction and extent of a dimension. In machine sketches and drawings, in which fractions and decimals are used for dimensions, the dimension line is usually broken near the middle to provide open space for the dimension numerals.

How do I make hidden lines visible in Solidworks drawing?

Right-click the drawing view and select Properties. Select the Show Hidden Edges tab. Select a feature or component from either the drawing view or the FeatureManager design tree to add it to the list of items to be shown with hidden lines. Click Apply to see the effect of your selection.

What are shaded edges?

The Shaded with Edges style displays the image in shaded mode, and has the option of displaying ambient occlusion. Select Ambient Occlusion from the Graphics Display Option dialog to simulate the blocking of ambient (diffused) light.

How do you dimension a circle in Creo?

Right-click and choose Dimension from the shortcut menu or click Sketch > Normal.

  1. Double-click the arc or circle.
  2. Middle-click to place the dimension.
  3. Select the entity to be dimensioned.
  4. Select the centerline that will be the axis of revolution.
  5. Select the entity again.
  6. Middle-click to place the dimension.

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